Committees & Panels
Section 355 Committee Memberships – Expression of Interest
Hilltops Council is calling for a nomination to the Section 355 Committee Memberships for Sibelco Voluntary Planning Agreement after a resignation of a member.
Council requests that your nomination address reasons for interest in committee membership, previous experience or skills with regards to subject matter addressed by the specified committee and an indication of what community goals/outcomes each candidate wishes to achieve through committee membership.
Expressions of interest are to be made in writing to Council’s General Manager, Hilltops Council, Locked Bag 5, Young NSW 2594, by 12.00 noon on Friday, 22nd February, 2019.
For more information on how to lodge an expression of interest, please visit fill out the Expression of Interest Form or call Lee Furness, Executive Director Corporate & Community on telephone (02) 6380 1200.