Community Consultation
​We care about our community and value your input, so whenever we’re planning a change that affects the Hilltops, proposing a project or introducing new regulations, we’ll consult with you first.

Community input is invaluable and residents are invited to continue engaging with Council to ensure the free-flow of information and ideas all year round.

Council currently has the following Development Application on public exhibition:

DA2020/0005  Intensive Livestock Agriculture (2,200 sow pig farm consisting of a breeder site with 5 sheds and a grower site with 16 sheds) and associated ancillary infrastructure, farm buildings, office, tree removal and electricity generating works. More information here
Submissions close Monday 18 May 2020 at 5pm.

Draft Hilltops Local Strategic Planning Statement Public Exhibition 20 April – 18 May 2020       

Hilltops Council is seeking comments on the draft Hilltops 2040, the draft Hilltops Local Strategic Planning Statement.  Council resolved at their Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday 24 March 2020 to adopt the draft Hilltops 2040 (Hilltops Local Strategic Planning Statement), for the purposes of public exhibition and community consultation only.

After the public exhibition has closed, Council staff will amend the draft plan in response to feedback and submissions received. The finalised Hilltops 2040 will then be presented to the June 2020 Hilltops Council meeting for final consideration by Council. More information here 

Submissions Close 18 May 2020 at 5.00pm