Council works and road closures 
Road Closures/Speed Restrictions 
The latest road closures and traffic information here

Current road closures in the Boorowa area:
All priority 1, 2 and 3 roads are now closed due to flooding. We will continue to monitor MR 56 Lachlan Valley Way.

Bennett Springs Road is also now closed.

Please take extra care when travelling on all roads during the current weather conditions.

Current road closures in the Harden area:
The following roads in the Harden area are now closed due to flooding:

•Huntley Road
•Fairview Road
•Douglas Gap Road
•Killarney Road
•North of Eubindal Road
•Berremangra Road

There is water over Currawong Road, McMahons Reef Road and Back Creek Road. These roads are currently still open with signage in place.

Please exercise extreme caution on all roads and do not attempt to cross flood water.

Council advise that Cudgell Creek Bridge located on the Old Forbes Road is now closed. A two lane bypass is open under worksite management. Please take note of signage and 60km/h speed limit. 

Council advise motorists that use the Spring Creek Road Bridge in Young that the bridge bypass is now open to all traffic.

The Spring Creek Bridge is now closed to all vehicles.

Motorists are to note access to Spring Creek Road and roads adjoining this road is to be made via MacKenzie and Glensloy Streets and the new bypass road to Spring Creek Road.

Access to residents in McVeigh Street from Templemore and Spring Street remains unchanged.

Council advise that Haddons Creek Bridge located on Murringo Gap Road is closed and the Bypass is open under worksite management.
  • One lane crossing
  • 20, 40 and 60 kph speed limit signs
  • Speed bumps present
  • All appropriate warning and detour signage has been erected
Planned roadworks, water supply and sewerage works for the period ending Thursday 13 August 2020
The following planned works are underway in the Hilltops Council area:
Western Blayneys Road and Kurrawyba Road (Bribbaree Road end).
  Eastern Kenyu Road, Allambie Road, Springvale Road and Wargeila Road.
  Southern Bonnington Road, Broken Dam Road and Nimby Road.
Southern Fairview Road.
  All Districts Reactive gravel resheeting as required.
Sealed Road
Western General maintenance of footpaths and kerb and guttering around town streets.
Hand patching works on various roads.
Reactive maintenance on signs and trees.
  Eastern Sealed regional road pothole patching.
Pavement repairs and cleaning on town streets.
Weed spraying of road shoulders and spot spraying of noxious weeds.
Lachlan Valley Way road repairs and maintenance.
Shoulder grading on Lachlan Valley Way.
Reactive maintenance on signs.
  Southern Hand patching works on various roads.
Signage repair and maintenance.
Tree pruning as required.
Shoulder weed control on various road.
Western Halls Lane heavy vehicle access.
Construction of vehicle access and parking bays in Boorowa Street for Bunnings development.
Footpath and kerb and guttering construction in Cloete Street near Young District Medical Centre.
  Eastern Boorowa Skatepark construction.
Galong Road reconstruction.
  Southern Nil.
Parks and
Western Routine line marking sporting fields and ovals for training and competitions.
Routine maintenance of turf on sporting fields and ovals as needed.
Routine maintenance and mowing of recreational grounds, sporting fields, ovals, parks and reserves as needed.
Routine maintenance and mowing of village, rural and rest areas and town entrances.
Street tree maintenance, pruning and authorised removal.
General maintenance of CBD.
  Eastern Mowing of cemeteries.
Spot spraying, weeding and hedge trimming in Marsden Street and Pudman Street.
Street tree pruning – as needed.
Streetscape cleaning every morning.
Mowing parks and paths.
  Southern Albury Street ground cover renewal.
Tree planting in Harden streets.
Irrigation maintenance.
Neill Street garden and streetscape maintenance.
Cemetery general maintenance.
Turf maintenance on sporting ovals.
General maintenance on sporting fields.
Park maintenance.
Monitor and review all lines and sprinklers for Winter watering program.
Water supply and sewerage works:
Southern Water main replacement at Swift Street, Scott Street and Lucan Street.
All Districts Water meter replacement program.
Routine operations and maintenance.
Routine water quality testing and monitoring.
Hydrant maintenance throughout town.
Speed restrictions will be in place and minor delays may be experienced.  The planned works are subject to change due to Council resources and weather conditions.
Motorists are advised that Roadwork Speed Limits are enforceable by the NSW Police.  Speed should be reduced and caution exercised when travelling through roadwork sites.