Services and Fees

Following is a list of fees and charges provided by the Council, and the cost of providing these services:
These fees recover the cost of providing a service, except where such cost may be unreasonable or limited by regulation.

Section 64 Certificate $150.00 GST Free
Sub-Division Inspections $50.00/Allotment + GST

Private works
The Council provides a contract spraying service on a fair and equitable cost basis without loss to Council.
Contract rates charged in 2017/2018 will be as follows:
Labour/Plant hire – One Operator $77.00/hour + 10% GST
Labour/Plant hire – Two Operators $123.00/hour + 10% GST
4 X 4 Motorbike with operator $77.00/hour + 10% GST
Minimum charge for any private work $77.00 + 10% GST
Herbicides Average cost plus 20% + 10% GST (excluding Flupropanate herbicide, which will be charged at average cost + GST)
Notes about our services
  • These charges will apply to constituent Councils and landowners.
  • These indicative rates are subject to prevailing market forces and individual circumstances. It is Council’s objective to receive a commercial rate of return on all works. 
  • Tax invoices will be issued, quoting the Council’s ABN number, for all Private Works, as GST Inclusive.