Hilltops looks ahead to 2040


The Hilltops Local Strategic Planning Statement (Hilltops 2040) has been finalised and endorsed by Council at the June 2020 meeting, following amendments to the draft plan in response to public submissions. The endorsed document was submitted to NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment on 30 June 2020. The document has also been successfully uploaded to the Department’s Planning Portal satisfying section 3.9 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979.
The Department has commended Hilltops Council in developing such a comprehensive and informative document that clearly articulates the vision for Hilltops and provides a well-researched and considered direction for Hilltops communities. The Department also noted that Hilltops 2040 will be a solid base on which future land use planning decisions can be made by Council and the community and they look forward to working with Council to consolidate its Local environmental Plans into a single instrument.
Hilltops 2040 sets the position of Hilltops within the region and New South Wales and our needs and expectations from State and Commonwealth governments to see Hilltops communities successful, productive and continuing to be great places to live in well into the future. 
Hilltops 2040 also provides the strategic direction required to inform local land use and infrastructure planning and management, providing the individual outcomes required that reflect and respond to the various landscapes and communities across Hilltops. 
Consultation on the development of Hilltops 2040 culminated in the release of the draft Hilltops 2040 for public exhibition from 20 April to 25 May 2020.  Thanks to the input of local residents and businesses Hilltops 2040 reflects and responds to local needs and aspirations and outlines how they will be achieved.  The development of Hilltops 2040 with local communities is a significant step forward in giving greater certainty for residents and businesses well into the future. 
Council looks forward to enacting Hilltops 2040 and reporting regularly to the community on its progress.  Also, developing the plans, codes and guidance required to put Hilltops 2040 in action in collaboration with the Department and Hilltops communities. Council can now progress reviewing their land use and infrastructure plans, regulations and guidelines to ensure they align with the objectives set within Hilltops 2040.