Local Heritage Fund
In order to ensure Hilltops’ heritage is preserved and enjoyed well into the future, 18 historic and important landmarks across the region will share in grants made available through the NSW Government’s Local Heritage Fund.

As part of Council’s ongoing strategy to conserve and manage heritage assets throughout the region, Councillors have resolved to lobby the State Government for further funding to carry out significant heritage planning studies.

Ardresier Homestead, Harden $2,000
Bank of NSW (fmr), Galong $3,000
Bank of NSW (fmr), Murrumburrah $2,500
Bendick Murrell Memorial Hall, Bendick Murrell $2,500
Christ Church Anglican Church, Murringo $1,000
Historic Cottage, Galong $1,000
Historic Cottage, Harden $1,500
Crowther Creek Office & Store, Crowther $1,000
Crowther Shearing Shed, Crowther $3,000
Currawong Stockman’s Cottage, Harden $2,000
Louvain Shearers Quarters, Murringo $3,000
Lower Coolegong Shearing Shed, Bulla Creek $1,000
Roseville Stone Stables, Kingsvale $2,500
St Clements Retreat, Galong $2,500
St Joseph’s Kindergarten (fmr), Young $1,500
St Mark’s Anglican Church, Currawong $2,000
Uniting Church Hall, Harden $2,000
Weirview Homestead, Harden $2,000
TOTAL $36,000