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Skate Park Etiquette

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Wait your turn

In a crowded skate park, taking turns at having a run is important. Don’t cut in front of someone who has been waiting ages to go. When it’s your turn to skate watch what other skaters are doing and make sure that your turn is around the same length as theirs.


Watch out for others

In most busy parks, skaters will naturally tend to skate in a certain direction around the facility. Cutting across someone’s path can cause problems for other park users. Be patient, wait your turn, watch out for each other.

New skaters may not be aware of this rule, so if you see someone continuously doing this, help them out by explaining nicely the general rule. If they are young maybe demonstrate the right way.



Keep children under active supervision at all times in or around skate parks.


Be respectful of other uses

Most of the time parks are used by people riding skateboards, BMX bikes and scooters. Be respectful of each other.

If someone on a BMX is using a bit of the park you would like to use, just ask them if you can have a go for a while. Remember if you are nice to them they are more likely to be nice to you.


If you get hurt

If you fall and aren’t hurt get straight back up and move out of the way. If you are injured, ask for help immediately to avoid any other collisions.


Having a break

If you’re having a break, move off of the park and out of the way.


Help each other

Everyone has to start somewhere. The young kids often just need someone to point out the rules. If you see someone trying to do a trick and not succeeding try not to embarrass them by doing the trick right in front of them. You can always offer to help them out, if you know what they need to change – for example if their foot positioning is wrong.


Say sorry

If you accidently collide with someone, simply apologise. It’s easy to do.


Clean up after yourself

You should be proud of your local skate park, so help out to keep it clean and enjoyable for everyone.


Check it’s safe to skate

When you arrive check the state of the park. If there is dirt, water, glass, leaves or grass on the park your wheels are more likely to slip.


Protect yourself

To help avoid injuries it is important to wear safety equipment, especially when trying something new or starting out.


Skate & BMX Park rules:

  • No glass
  • No alcohol
  • No smoking (within 10 metres)
  • No littering
  • No drugs

Please be aware of your own abilities when using these parks.

Please report any damage to Hilltops Council on (02) 6380 1200.