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The Hilltops Council Library branches offer a range of services, programs and facilities for members and visitors to the region. 

Residents with a particular interest or skill to share are invited to contact the Library to discuss community presentations delivered at any branch.


Public computers

Boorowa, Harden and Young Libraries have computers available for public use to access the Internet and Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Publisher. 

USB drives are welcome, however devices may be checked for viruses.

FREE Wi-Fi is also available at all branches.



Harden and Young branches will send and receive faxes for the public. Please be aware there are charges.

Items can be scanned to PDF or an image at Young Library. This is a free service.

Photocopying and printing services are available at all Library branches.  


Home Library Service

Hilltops Council Libraries offer a housebound service to all residents of Boorowa, Harden and Young.

Those who are unable to personally visit the Library either by reason of age, illness or disability, and have no other means to access Library resources are eligible to be included in this service.

All items held by Hilltops Council Libraries may be borrowed by housebound members. Bulk loans are also available to institutions such as nursing homes, retirement villages and aged care centres. 


Requests for additions to the collection

If an item is not held within any of the Hilltops Council Libraries we may acquire: 

  • If the item has been published within the last two years and is an appropriate addition to the existing collection the item will be purchased and held for a member. 
  • If the item is older than two years or is not appropriate for the existing collection an inter-library-loan may be sought.
  • ​To request an item from another NSW public library will cost $7.50. To request the item from a University, special or library outside NSW an additional fee is imposed by the lending library.