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Council Column -17 June 2020- Councillor John Walker

Jun 16, 2020

We as members of the public can be excused for being completely confused as we try to interpret restrictions associated with community engagement and COVID-19. There have emerged different rules to different sectors.

Amid the public confusion and frustration national social issues have developed in some areas drawing crowds together and in clear breach of pandemic safety guidelines. As controversial as these public actions may have been they certainly will have made clear by the end of June if the main public health risk period of COVID-19 has passed.

Within areas similar to Hilltops where there are currently few reported cases the potential of people attending large city rallies and returning to Pandemic clear areas as carriers is realistic.

We talk about a new normal in the not too distant future as community organisations are cautious about planning events as the uncertainty and confusion continues. One can comment that unless we carry a football or placard we are encouraged to maintain social distancing and isolation.

I make these somewhat light hearted cynical comments to draw thinking to the law enforcers who in my mind fulfil an outstanding role while policy makers procrastinate over differing details. Full credit to the Police Force who are left with the unenviable task of maintaining law and order while themselves being the innocent victims of the lawbreakers threatening the spread of the pandemic.

In Hilltops I feel further disappointed that the Police Force are not shown a bit of gratitude by the same policy makers in not providing them with up to date offices that were assessed as inadequate and in need of upgrade or replacement in Young nearly twenty years ago. It is completely shameful in my mind that funds have not been committed to a modern Police Station in Young.

Surely this is the least our State Government can do for both our community and our committed law enforcers who hold the social fabric of society together. I shudder each time I see State funds going to less worthy projects. They are well worthy of that support.

Councillor John Walker

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