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Council Column- 26 October 2020- Councillor Rita O’Connor

Oct 26, 2020

As we learn to adapt to a  COVID-safe community, activity is thriving in Hilltops. The magnificent spring has seen huge growth of crops and tourists have come out in droves. Visitor Information Centres have been kept busy as have cafes and retail outlets. While this increase in tourist numbers is good for the community, it also poses bio security and traffic risks. More work will need to be done to mitigate some of these risks in future years.

There have been safety upgrades on William Bradford bridge and many other road repairs across the Council area. A word of caution though that the Demondrille bridge surface is very dangerous; hopefully ARTC will see the need to repair it, given how many locals and tourists use it daily.

In other areas of Hilltops, wind turbines are being erected in the Bango wind farm. The Boorowa community garden is thriving with peas, broad beans, spinach, chard and rhubarb. Activity will commence shortly at Tresilian Park and the Murrimboola Creek precinct. Bill the Bastard is due to return to Murrumburrah in all its splendour.

The village progress associations have been busy, with new work completed at Jugiong and flash new tennis courts in Wombat.

As the season gears up for grain and fruit harvest, more people will be coming to the region. It’s more important than ever to remain vigilant and be COVID-safe, so as not to jeopardise our area.

Rita O’Connor