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Council Column – 30 March 2021 – Councillor John Horton

Mar 29, 2021

Over the last 12 Months, I have been writing about Hilltops looking at the light at the end of the Corona Virus tunnel. As I write, finally we are all out into the beautiful fresh air of our Hilltops.
All residents are to be CONGRATULATED on their sterling efforts in combating this dreadful disease, a disease which has caused so many deaths throughout the World. We must continue to be vigilant, get vaccinated ASAP whilst remembering, winter is only eight weeks away and we don’t want a resurgence of this pathogen.

The sudden closure of St. Lawrence Residential Aged Care facility (Southern Cross Care) in Murrumburrah Harden, is a big blow to our Community, however just like our successful handling of the Corona Virus, so too shall this problem be rectified in a timely manner. Don’t worry, however be concerned and have confidence in the future!

Our General Manager Anthony O’Reilly, after only 12 Months in the role is doing a sterling job. He continues to pull the workforce together resulting in happy workers and greater productivity. Hilltops Finances, Rates Harmonising, Local Environmental planning and all other Council activities are being actioned in a professional and urgent manner. Well done GM!

In September 2017 the Hilltops elected its first ever Hilltops Council. Yes, the four year term is almost up and on September the 4th this year, the second election comprising 11 Councillors shall be conducted.

Being one of the initial Hilltops Councillors has been a privilege indeed!  Working with a very Professional and hardworking Mayor Ingram, dedicated Councillors, committed Council indoor and outdoor staff, who have at all times put the Hilltops Community at the very top of their priorities list. This has been truly satisfying for me. Thank you ALL.

I am so pleased our Agricultural Industry within Hilltops has enjoyed one of their best Seasons ever, with excellent grain crops, good prices for sheep and cattle, wool prices doing well and now to top it off, wonderful big falls of rain ensuring excellent winter crops and feed for livestock. Great!

When compared to this time last year we are much better off, that is proof to ALWAYS have confidence in the future!!

Stay well, enjoy Hilltops life and “CHEERS’’.

John Horton