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Council urges responsible collection of firewood

Apr 8, 2021

As we experience a cool change and households throughout the Hilltops Region begin to gather firewood, residents are reminded to collect wood responsibly and consider the environment.

Council’s roadsides and reserves are often the last refuge of intact remaining woodlands and are of high conservation status. By conserving these small areas of existing vegetation, Council hopes to maintain important viable habitat corridors for native wildlife.

Firewood on public land can only be collected and removed under a permit from the relevant agency such as TfNSW, NSW State Forestry, or Local Land Services.

“Due to Council’s role in managing and protecting roadside vegetation, along with safety issues, Council does not permit the cutting or removal of trees or the collection of firewood, including fallen timber, from roadsides or reserves. Natural roadside features such as logs, leaves, fallen timber and rocks left on the ground provide important habitat for our native wildlife. Anyone seen collecting firewood from the roadside may be issued a significant fine by Council,” advised Hilltops General Manager Anthony O’Reilly.

Council hopes that by raising awareness in the community those either inadvertently or deliberately doing the wrong thing avoid potential fines.

It is important for the community to understand the importance of not ‘tidying up’ the roadside by removing debris or fallen timber for firewood. Natural features such as logs, leaf litter, fallen timber and rocks left on the ground provide important habitat for our native fauna and cutting down a tree may result in prosecution.

Council can issue significant fines to anyone caught collecting wood from the side of the road.

Those seeking firewood should either purchase it from a reliable source or collect it from private property with the landholder’s permission. Wood should be collected from private property responsibly with consideration of the environment and native habitat.