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Applying for a role at Hilltops Council

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Application Guidelines

PDF – Click to download

Thank you for your interest in applying for a position with Hilltops Council. The following information has been provided to assist you with your application.


What should I include in my application?

Applications should be clear and concise, relate to the position you’ve applied for and unless otherwise indicated, include:

  1. A short covering letter may also be required outlining your suitability to fulfil the specified requirements as outlined in the Position Description (PD).
  2. A response to the selection criteria as detailed in the PD (as a guide, two or three paragraphs demonstrating how you meet each criterion).
  3. A résumé that summarises your employment history, experience, education and the name and contact details for at least two employment-related referees (people who have directly supervised you or who have knowledge of your capacity to perform the duties of the advertised position).

You may also be requested to supply copies of your qualifications as part of your application.


Closing date

All applications must be received by Council by 5pm on the stated closing date.


The selection process

The selection process is based on merit and equal employment opportunity principles.

Addressing the selection criteria as detailed in the “how to apply” section on the information package is an important element of your application as your application will be considered according to those stipulations.

You must address the selection criteria, and rather than stating that “you meet the criteria”, please provide brief examples, demonstrating “how” you meet them. Reading the PD carefully will help you understand the responsibilities and duties of the role you are applying for.


The selection panel

The selection panel will typically comprise of three panel members and plays a crucial role in the recruitment process. The panel is responsible for assessing the relative merit of your application for the vacant position by reviewing your résumé and how well you meet the selection criteria.

The panel will short list applications based on the essential criteria, identifying the likely applicants for further assessment.

Applicants will be excluded if they:

  1. do not satisfy the selection criteria
  2. do not have the necessary qualifications
  3. are not eligible for employment based on residency status
  4. provide false or misleading information

Council generally receives a large number of applications. Sometimes a number of applicants appear to meet the selection criteria so the Council needs to assess who best meets the criteria when selecting candidates for interview. There will be times when applicants do meet all the selection criteria but are not invited for interview.

Applicants shortlisted for further assessment will be contacted and invited for an interview by telephone, usually within one to two weeks after the closing date. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by e-mail.


Preparing for the interview

Council will provide adequate notice, respect your privacy and let you know the assessment methods that will be used at interview. Interviews will generally be based around the selection criteria. Interviews at Council generally ask questions about specific previous work experiences and are designed to draw out examples of your previous experience and behaviours, as they relate to the vacant position.

This typically involves describing situations or the type of work involved in the position you are applying for and asking you to provide examples of like work or similar situations from your own experience, how you approached them and what you did. You may also be required to complete a task related to the position.


Pre-employment checks

Applicants will be required to undergo relevant pre-employment screening requirements (including but not limited to identity, rights to work, qualifications, special licensing or job-related checks such as Criminal Records Checks and Working with Children Checks) where these are essential to satisfying the requirements of the job.



Pre-employment medicals

Applicants may be required to undertake a pre-employment medical assessment. Council will pay the cost of the medical assessment. The assessment will involve a range of tests such as manual handling ability, joint flexibility, lumbar fitness, cardiac endurance, hearing, drug and alcohol testing.


Making an offer

Successful applicants will be offered employment once reference checks, background checks and pre-employment screening have taken place and the results confirm that the applicant can meet the requirements of the role. This offer is typically made over the phone and confirmed in writing. Offers of employment are generally subject to a probationary period of up to six months.



Have you prepared?

  • a covering letter
  • specific responses to the selection criteria
  • your résumé
  • any other relevant supporting documentation.

The Council is a great place to work, and we look forward to receiving your application.


Where to submit your application

Applications may be e-mailed to, or mailed to:

The General Manager
Hilltops Council
Locked Bag 5