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Council works and road closures

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Road Closures/Speed Restrictions

The latest road closures and traffic information here

Please take extra care on all roads, and do not attempt to drive through flood water.

Council advise that Cudgell Creek Bridge located on the Old Forbes Road is now closed. A two lane bypass is open under worksite management. Please take note of signage and 60km/h speed limit.

Council advise motorists that use the Spring Creek Road Bridge in Young that the bridge bypass is now open to all traffic.

The Spring Creek Bridge is now closed to all vehicles.

Motorists are to note access to Spring Creek Road and roads adjoining this road is to be made via MacKenzie and Glensloy Streets and the new bypass road to Spring Creek Road.

Access to residents in McVeigh Street from Templemore and Spring Street remains unchanged. 

Council advise that Haddons Creek Bridge located on Murringo Gap Road is closed and the Bypass is open under worksite management

  • One lane crossing
  • 20, 40 and 60 kph speed limit signs
  • Speed bumps present
  • All appropriate warning and detour signage has been erected


Residents of Young on the water reticulation system within Hilltops Council, are advised that Council will start cleaning of water mains by air scouring to avoid discolouration in the water supply during the summer months.

The air scouring process may cause some temporary water discoloration, loss of pressure or supply interruption. This may also affect adjacent areas. The activity will be clearly signed by temporary road signs in the streets during the cleaning process. The works will start at approximately 8.30am each day and should be finished no later than 6pm. Consumers are advised to avoid using their washing machines and dishwashing machines during these hours when the works are in your area.

The water mains cleaning schedule is listed below:

Monday 11 October – Friday 15 October 2021

North of terminal storage to Demondrille St including: Backcreek Rd, Thornell Rd, Byrne Ave, Normans Rd, Petticoat Ln, Willawong St, Windemere St, Newtons Rd, Kingsvale Rd, Pitstone Rd, Brocade Pl, Chantilly Pl, Mathew Cres, Bailes Cres, Tadros Ave, Scott Pl, Binalong St, Wombat Street (to Demondrille St), Hayden Pl, Mayoh Pl, Garland Pl, Cowper St, Earl St, Tierney St, Cunich Cres, Hennessy St and Wombat Rd.   

Monday 18 October – Friday 22 October 2021

North of Demondrille St to Lovell St, West of Willawong St and East of Templemore St including: Murringo St, Berthong St, Wombat Street (to Marina Street), Charles Cres, Yass St, Campbell St, Bruce St, Caple St, Thornhill St, Toompang St, White St, Barwang St, Hardy Ave, Keevil Dr, Jake Miller Pl, Clifton St, Milong St, Spring St, Miro St, Currawong St, Dundas St, Boorowa St, Lightning Ln, Possum Ln, Rosemary Ln, Lovell St, Cloete St, Gordon St, Allanan St, Ripon St,  Marina St, Patterson Ave, Trafalgar St, Lachlan St and Calabash St.        

Monday 25 October – Friday 29 October 2021

North of Lovell St and up to William St, East and West of Lynch St including: Nasmyth St, Edward St, Stoneridge St, Main St, Clarke St, Zouch St, Mclerie St, Russell St, Florence St, Watson St, Whiteman Ave, Victoria St, Briggs St and Western Ave, Temora Rd, Old Temora Rd, Chillingworks Rd, Wickham Ln, Browns Ln and a section of Hill St to William St.

Monday 1 November – Friday 5 November 2021

North of William St, East of Jasprizza Ave and West of Hill St including: Fontenoy St, Nuthall Cres, Renmark Ave, Jim Anderson Ave, Cram Ave, Nea St, Emily St, Hambrook Pl, Angel Ct, Crowther St, Cook Cres, Bell Ave, Crichton Cres, Blackett Ave, Musgrave St, Samuel Ct, Martin Cl, Elizabeth St, Brock St, Prospect St, Orchard St, Hargreaves Cres, Bendick St, Monteagle St, Taylor Rd, Dwyer Dr and Karabah Ave.

Monday 8 November – Friday 12 November 2021

Pumping lines on Cowra Rd, Grenfell Rd, Hills St, Showground area, Boorowa Rd, Chums Ln, Hintons Rd and Red Hill Rd, Forsythe Ave, Pine View Cct, Isaacs Rd, Batinichs Rd, and Jordan Pl.

Consumers should check their water supply and flush their own pipes by running a backyard tap, until the water colour returns to normal. There may be some trapped air in house water pipes. The air may cause some splutters and spits as it comes out of the taps. If this happens, run your tap until all the trapped air leaves the pipe. Clearing the pipes of trapped air and discoloured water should only take a couple of minutes. To prevent air entering the household water system it is recommended that taps are not opened during the scouring period.

All residents and businesses will have received a notification in their mailbox.

For all enquiries please contact Hilltops Council on 1300 445 586.

Council apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause.


Planned Roadworks, water supply and sewerage works for the period ending Thursday 21 October 2021

The following planned works are underway in the Hilltops Council area:


Maintenance Grading Western Glaisnock Rd, Yannawah Lane, Sharrock Rd, Monteagle Stock Route East and Butts Lane
Eastern Kennys Creek Rd, Woolpack Rd, Dirthole Creek Rd and Lagoon Creek Rd.
All Districts Reactive maintenance grading as required.
Gravel Resheeting All Districts Reactive gravel resheeting as required.
Sealed Road Repairs Western Heavy patching around Young township.
Eastern Patching on Rugby Rd, Rye Park Rd, Murringo Rd, Lachlan Valley Way, Frogmore Rd and Taylors Flat Rd.
Southern Bouyeo Rd, Cullinga Mines Rd and Bundarbo Rd.
All Districts

Pothole patching on town streets, sealed local and regional roads.

Town street cleaning.

General maintenance of footpaths and kerb and guttering around town streets.

Local roads repair and maintenance on signs.

Reactive maintenance on street trees.

Construction Projects Western

Milvale Rd rehabilitation from Penrose Bridge to Wickham Lane including Old Temora Rd.

Memagong Lane – new pipes.

Hayden Pl and Binalong St footpath construction.

Chantilly Pl roadworks.

Weedallion Rd realignment.


Galong Rd reconstruction.

Brial St causeway.

Parks and Gardens Western

Chinaman’s Dam planting, weeding, pruning and mulching (weather permitting).

Routine maintenance and mowing of recreational grounds, sporting fields, ovals, parks and reserves as needed.

Maintain line marking on sporting fields.

Routine maintenance of village, rural and rest areas.

General maintenance of CBD as needed.

Boom spraying on parks, ovals and reserves as needed.


General maintenance and mowing of local cemeteries.

Street tree pruning as needed.

Streetscape cleaning every morning.

Mowing parks and footpaths.

Footpath maintenance – edging, etc.

Routine maintenance and mowing of recreational

grounds, sporting fields and ovals.


Routine irrigation maintenance.

Neill Street garden and streetscape maintenance.

Cemetery general maintenance.

Turf maintenance on sporting ovals.

General maintenance on sporting fields.

Park maintenance.

Roadside mowing.

Weed Spraying Western

Town streets and villages.

Noxious weeds spraying.

Roadside spraying.

Boom spraying on parks, ovals and reserves as needed.


Spot spraying on roadsides for priority weeds.

Shoulder spraying on local sealed roads (weather permitting).

Southern Road shoulder spraying on local sealed roads.
All Districts Road shoulders and town spraying as needed.
Water Supply and Sewerage Works Western Campbell Street water main renewal.
Eastern Water plant routine maintenance.
Southern Swift St water main replacement.
All Districts

Water meter replacement program.

Routine operations and maintenance.

Routine water quality testing and monitoring.

Hydrant maintenance throughout town.

Town pools maintenance and preparation.

Water main flushing commences:

·       Young 13/10/2021

·       Harden 15/11/2021

·       Boorowa 29/11/2021

Speed restrictions will be in place and minor delays may be experienced.  Speed should be reduced and caution exercised when travelling through roadwork sites.

Motorists are advised that Roadwork Speed Limits are enforceable by the NSW Police.

The planned works are subject to change due to Council resources and weather conditions.