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‘Our Place’ Community Engagement

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Welcome to ‘Our Place’ community consultation and engagement

Over the next 5 months Council will be seeking participation and commentary from you, the Community, on a suite of strategic documents that are legislatively required to be reviewed or prepared.

These documents will set the future planning, delivery, funding, reporting and measuring framework of Council’s role, responsibility and accountability to you, the Community.

However, for these plans to be successful Council must capture the needs, ideas, opportunities and approaches, from you, the Community.

Our Place, is the platform to our 5 pillars focusing on Community, Environment, Infrastructure, Economy and Leadership & Governance.  The documents that are being publicly exhibited during the next 5 months include:

  • Community Strategic Plan
  • Delivery Plan
  • Resourcing Strategy
  • Operational Plan

The ‘Hilltops Delivery Plan’ will have a separate community consultation process, starting in February. A variation of consultation tools will be available, including online one on one bookings and self-guided workshops, as a way to overcome any potential disruption due to COVID-19.

So please, read, participate, book, attend and submit your comments during the consultation and exhibition periods.

What is IP&R

The Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) framework changed the way Councils in NSW planned, documented, and reported on their plans for the future. The Framework came into practice in 2009.

IP&R allows councils to bring plans and strategies together in a way that supports a clear vision for the future and provides an agreed road map for delivering community priorities and aspirations.  While Hilltops may lead the IP&R process, it is a journey that is undertaken in close consultation with communities and elected representatives.

The benefits of IP&R to the Community and Council are.

  1. Allows council to plan for the future
  2. Enables council and the community to be flexible and agile
  3. Supports decision making
  4. Uses indicators to measure and track performance
  5. Provides a roadmap for council and the community
  6. Encourages best practice and continuous improvement
  7. Supports local capacity building and partnerships
  8. Encourages alignment between local, regional, and state priorities and plans

The Council must Adopt the suite of documents before 30 June in the year following an ordinary election of Council.  The Council may endorse the existing or develop and endorse a new Community Strategic Plan (CSP), as appropriate, to ensure that the area has a CSP covering at least the next 10 years.  The Delivery Plan and Resourcing Strategy are developed to cover the term of the Council. The Operational Plan is adopted annually to deliver outcomes of the Delivery Plan.

Comments and submissions must be made in writing for them to be considered by Council. Comments can only be considered as valid formal submissions if the author’s details are included and submitted to Council prior to closing time and date.