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Councillor Column – 07 February 2023 – Councillor Greg Armstrong

Feb 13, 2023

For Immediate Release 7 February 2023
Authorised by Councillor Greg Armstrong

The NSW Valuer General has recently issued new valuation notices to landowners in the Hilltops local government area. The notices contain various details of the land they relate to such as address, land title description of the land (lot/section/plan), zoning, area, dimensions and valuation details including the date of valuation, land value and basis for valuation.

The other critical piece of data included is the “last date to object”, should you feel that the land value is not correct. I would encourage all landowners to read and indeed study their Notice of Valuation, consider the land value, the basis for valuation and then make up their own minds if the valuation is a fair and realistic figure.

If you feel your valuation is not correct, you may lodge an objection which must include supporting evidence.

The type of supporting evidence is stated on the back of your valuation notice, further details may be obtained and objections lodged, by visiting the website of the NSW Valuer General (

Land values are used for Local Government Rating and NSW Government Land Tax purposes.

An increase in land value can mean an increase in Local Government rates, however because of rate-pegging the impact of increased land values is generally reduced.

In NSW, the rate-peg figure determines the maximum increase for the total general rate income of a Council, unless the Council has sought and been granted a Special Rate Variation (SRV) to exceed the rate-peg.

Should an SRV and increased land values be applied concurrently, land rates would be likely to increase quite markedly.

In closing, have a great weekend, stay safe and stay well. Greg Armstrong.

Greg Armstrong