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Councillor Column – 13 June 2023 – Councillor John Piper

Jun 20, 2023

For Immediate Release 13 June 2023
Authorised by Councillor John Piper

People Will Come

Sometime in the 1990’s there was a movie made in the USA called ‘Field of Dreams’ starring Kevin Costner. He had a theory that ‘if you build it, they will come’.

Last year, my wife Sandi and I went to Harden for the Kite Festival.

I am now going to introduce you to a new weather reporting word, that word is ‘IFFY’.

It was the first time we had been to the Kite Festival, so we arrived early and parked on the edge of the exit road, knowing we had to leave early. Walking through the almost empty car park, we started chatting to a couple who had driven over from Canberra to see the kites.

The weather was ‘IFFY’ i.e. raining, if not raining, drizzling, if not, cloudy.

We made our way to the new pavilion to take cover and talk to people about the festival. Needing a coffee, we made our way, tip-toeing around the puddles and mud, out to the mobile coffee van which was doing a great trade.

I noticed a few fellow Councillors were there too – namely Tony Flanery, Patrick FitzGerald and Mayor Margaret Roles (she seems to be at every function in Hilltops).

Although the weather was ‘IFFY’ a great crowd attended. When Sandi and I left, the carpark was completely full.

Young has its famous National Cherry Festival, a great success last year with people coming from far and wide. Young also hosted a very good Pontiac Car Club Rally.

Last year, Boorowa had a number of events, namely the Boorowa Irish Woolfest, a very nice sunny day in October. Our local show this year was one of the best for about six or seven years. We also had the ‘National Horse and Buggy’ competition. People came from as far away as Western Australia and Queensland to participate, but again the weather was ‘IFFY’. Next came our local Picnic Races. Again ‘IFFY’ weather, but one of the biggest crowds ever.

What I am trying to say is, Hilltops Council must make sure it always supports these types of events, because since my wife and I have lived in Hilltops, I have noticed ‘if you put it on, they will come’.

John Piper