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Councillor Column – 18 April 2023 – Deputy Mayor Alison Foreman

Apr 20, 2023

For Immediate Release 18 April 2023
Authorised by Deputy Mayor Alison Foreman

It is pleasing to see the new user-friendly outdoor furniture in Boorowa Street, Young, is being utilised by so many. This addition has been welcomed by locals, businesses, and travellers, with many sitting to enjoy a coffee or meet up with family and friends, even the big red seating has seen children playing in this previously unused space.

Recently there has been a spate of dog attacks in NSW, a dog attack can include any incident where a dog rushes at, attacks, bites, harasses, or chases any person or animal (other than vermin), whether or not any injury is caused to the person or animal.

By law in NSW, it is the duty of the owner to take proper responsibility of their dog, particularly when in a public place.

There are various penalties, depending on the offence, to a dog owner or person who is not the dog owner above 16yrs in charge of the dog, if he/she:

  • Is in a public place; and
  • Fails to have effective control of the dog by the adequate leash, cord or chain attached to the dog while being held by him/her at the

I am often contacted by Hilltops residents stating they are fearful to walk their dogs, particularly smaller breeds in fear of a dog attack. Dog owners must also take all reasonable precautions to prevent the dog from escaping from the property on which it is being kept.

Council can issue a $330 on the spot fine for a dog that is not a restricted breed and is menacing, dangerous and/or not under control in a public place. For dogs that are restricted breed, such as a Pitbull Terrier, and are menacing or dangerous, the fine is $1760.

I urge all Hilltops residents to be aware of the trauma to the animal and owner when an attack occurs.

For more information go to Hilltops Council’s Pets Guide, located on Council’s website, or visit the OLG website and search ‘Companion Animals Act 1998’.

Alison Foreman Deputy Mayor