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Councillor Column – 25 July 2023 – Councillor Patrick FitzGerald

Jul 28, 2023

For Immediate Release 25 July 2023
Authorised by Councillor Patrick FitzGerald

One of the areas Council looks after is traffic and roads in the Hilltops Local Government Area. The Hilltops Council Local Traffic Advisory Committee is made up of representatives including our local member, Steph Cooke, police from the Hume District Highway Patrol, Transport for NSW officers, Councillors and Council staff.

The aim of the committee is to ensure the efficiency of traffic in the local area and the safety of all road users. We regularly consider problems and complaints raised by concerned community members. Although traffic speed is determined by Transport for NSW, the committee can and does make recommendations for speed changes where it is believed to be appropriate.

The committee recently reviewed the allocation and position of disabled parking spaces in the major towns of the area. This has led to a few changes to make it easier for disabled drivers to access the central business districts of Hilltops.

At our last meeting, we determined the road and traffic requirements for the Boorowa Irish Woolfest, the Harden Kite Festival and the Young Cherry Festival. All three of these events involve significant changes in traffic conditions to ensure the success of each event and the safety of participants and visitors. Some of the changes included the temporary closing of roads and the provision of traffic detours around the events.

Another area the committee looks after is parking. Most towns have timed parking restrictions which are in place to allow all community members fair access to local businesses and places of interest. It is important that we all accept and follow the time limits on the signs as failure to do so only causes annoyance and frustration.

If you have any concerns with this area of Council business, please email me with the details and I will take it to the committee for discussion.

Patrick FitzGerald