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Councillor Column- 27 February 2024- Mayor Margaret Roles

Feb 29, 2024

For Immediate Release 27 February 2024
Authorised by Mayor Margaret Roles

2024 is underway with the first Ordinary Meeting of Council being held in February. It will be the last sitting year for this Hilltops elected council with the 2024 New South Wales local elections scheduled to be held on 14 September 2024.

Constitutional responsibility for local government lies with state and territory governments. Local Government has no legal validity because it is not mentioned in the Commonwealth Constitution. A referendum, in 1988, to recognise local government in the Constitution failed.

This does not mean that local government does not play an important role in our democratic processes. It is the closest level of government to the people. It allows for a level of democratic engagement by members of the community which is not experienced at any other tier of government.

To represent the diverse interests, needs and wants of a community it is important that a local government has diversity amongst councillors.

Lately I have been talking to a number of people showing interest in local politics, It is not too early to start thinking about standing for Council. Whilst the commitment can be challenging at times, the role is highly fulfilling, working for the ongoing growth and well-being of our Hilltops community.

For more information about becoming a councillor, visit the NSW Electoral Commission website. The Office of Local Government also has some great information available. March is the month for Hilltops Off the Beaten Track Art and Cultural Trail. Encompassing the whole of Hilltops. The trail features the work of artists and artisans of all descriptions in studios, galleries, exhibitions, performances, and permanent installations across the whole region.

There will be something for everybody – check out the Hilltops Off the Beaten Track Facebook page for all the details. I look forward to seeing you somewhere on the trail.

Marg Roles

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