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Councillor Column – 28 November 2023 – Mayor Margaret Roles

Dec 5, 2023

For Immediate Release 28 November 2023
Authorised by Mayor Margaret Roles

This weekend there will be many visitors to our beautiful Hilltops.

The 73rd National Cherry Festival will be a time for all of us to relax and celebrate life with family and friends.

Each year we hold four major events – Hilltops Off the Beaten Track, Boorowa Irish Woolfest, Harden Kite Festival and the Young National Cherry Festival.

I thank all who have contributed to the success of these events – both community and Council staff.

As well there are the many other activities that are held throughout the year in Hilltops; the agricultural shows, sporting events, charity fundraisers and social events run by service groups and voluntary organisations.

Once again, I thank all who contribute to the liveability of the area in which we live.

Liveability is the sum of everything that adds up to a community’s quality of life. Sociologists include in the definition the built and natural environments, economic prosperity, social stability and equity, educational opportunity, and cultural, entertainment and recreation possibilities.

Liveability is tied to quality of life – how the elements in the definition, shape and benefit our human experience and wellbeing.

It is all about building a strong, connected community by working together to enhance the liveability and quality of life in our region.

This weekend is a time for all of us to enjoy the cultural, entertainment and recreation aspects of Hilltops liveability.

It is a time for us to welcome with a kind word visitors and locals alike; to explore what our region has to offer and relax, enjoy and be a part of the non-stop entertainment.

Remember – Friday 1 – Sunday 3 December 2023

Margaret Roles Mayor