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Councillor Column – 30 January 2024 – Mayor Margaret Roles

Feb 2, 2024

For Immediate Release 30 January 2024
Authorised by Mayor Margaret Roles

Australia Day was celebrated across the Hilltops last Friday and we welcomed two new citizens to our beautiful country and specifically to our beautiful Hilltops. Congratulations to OAM recipient, Eris Gleeson, and thanks to volunteers across our towns and villages who helped organise the day and the Australia Day ambassadors who gave so graciously of their time.

The Commonwealth Coat of Arms depicts the shield, with each state’s coat of arms, being supported by the kangaroo and emu. These two animals were chosen to symbolise a nation moving forward, since neither animal can move backwards easily.

It is a symbol of a positive attitude to the continuum of change.

As a community we also need to be agile, adaptable and forward thinking – to grow by looking to the future and taking advantage of opportunities inherent in that future.

With Australia’s population growing at a faster than expected rate, NSW regional areas are also experiencing growth. Hilltops is within commuting distance of Canberra and is close to main road networks. Coupled with the changes to workplace practices, our local government area is becoming very attractive as a regional place to live and work.

Many of you will have read of the record growth in real estate across all sectors – residential, commercial, industrial, and rural – in Hilltops. It is one of the best performing regions in the Central West. We are high on the liveability index!

Our Hilltops region is being recognised as a stable and increasingly cohesive, local government area.

We are demonstrating that we are a community that can embrace and take advantage of positive opportunities, that are inherent in social, technological, and economic change. Looking to the future, whilst dealing with the present and learning from the past, our beautiful Hilltops will prosper and grow during 2024.

Margaret Roles


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