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Councillor Column – 4 April 2023 – Mayor Margaret Roles

Apr 6, 2023

For Immediate Release 4 April 2023
Authorised by Mayor Margaret Roles

Last year I wrote in a councillor column that Hilltops is developing into a cohesive, and sustainable local government area (LGA). As a larger, united council, we have the collective strength to face the challenges faced by every LGA with ‘resolve and optimism.’

In another column, I also reported on the workplace restructure within Council which is forming us into a modern, upskilled organisation. Many legacy issues are being worked through, and resolved, whilst best practice is being continuously implemented.

The Hilltops Team, under the steady guidance of our General Manager, Executive and Managerial Staff, is ensuring that the Hilltops LGA will continue to develop and prosper.

A sound financial base is fundamental to stability and growth and Council’s financial statements for the year ending 30 June, 2022, were very positive. For the first time Hilltops Council recorded a net operating surplus for the year, before capital grants of $1.6Million. It is a great improvement from the net loss before capital grants of $(5.6)Million. Council’s unrestricted cash balance also improved to a positive $56K in 2022; the first positive balance unrestricted cash balance since 2018 for Hilltops.

The Annual Financial Statements for year ended 30 June 2022 are available on the website. As I have previously stated, we have made great progress but are still on the journey and I thank the community, councillors, and staff for their contribution to this success.

As a community, we are also gaining in depth and strength. A wonderful example of the social connectiveness of Hilltops was the success of Hilltops Off the Beaten Track Art and Cultural Trail held throughout the LGA in March. The inclusion of many of our villages in cultural and art experiences was embraced with enthusiasm. The event bus was a bonus that allowed people from across the LGA to visit many more of the open studios and exhibitions.

I thank everyone who was involved in the trail – all have added to the social capital and cultural wealth of our LGA.

Have a happy and safe Easter weekend and be assured that as your mayor, I will continue to work, with the Hilltops Councillors and our dedicated staff, for the wellbeing of all who choose to live in our beautiful Hilltops.

Margaret Roles