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Councillor Column – 5 December 2023 – Deputy Mayor Alison Foreman

Dec 8, 2023

For Immediate Release 5 December 2023
Authorised by Deputy Mayor Alison Foreman

As a Councillor, I know what a great honour it is to serve the community at the level closest to them, I also understand the pressures and complexity of the issues Council seeks to resolve.

Local government plays a critical role in developing and maintaining our economic and social fabric and bringing communities together to produce local solutions to local problems.

Community attitude varies toward local government and the decisions it makes; it has never been more apparent that Hilltops residents want to be involved in the decision-making process on issues that have a direct impact on them. But how do you separate fact from fiction?

The political arena is hard to navigate, there are some who will push an agenda with little care for the repercussions, some will attempt to control the narrative, whilst others will seemingly steer a clear and positive pathway. It is important to consider our tendency to believe what we want to believe, it is essential when seeking facts, we ask questions, search for information, and evaluate the findings.

Regardless of our individual approaches, we cannot forget our common goal is the wellbeing of the Hilltops and its residents. As we move forward, we must provide our community with the tools to critically assess information and encourage a society that questions, debates, and seeks the truth. If we all work together to achieve this, we can overcome the challenges that lie ahead and build a stronger community.

WOW! What a fantastic Woolworths 73rd National Cherry Festival it was this year. A huge congratulations to the incredible team from the Visitor Information Centre and Council staff for making the festival come to life. This event was jam-packed with many travelling 1000kms to attend. It was wonderful to see families and visitors enjoying all that our wonderful region has to offer.

This Christmas I would like to thank everyone who volunteers throughout the year, your contribution to the happiness of our Hilltops is invaluable.

Support local and have a very Merry Christmas. Alison Foreman