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Councillor Column- 5 May 2020- Councillor John Horton

May 5, 2020

Since my last column to you I am pleased to report a lot has changed and for the better.

The devastating bush fires are over, we have received drought breaking rain, green grass everywhere and Corona Virus appears to be under control!

Hilltop’s residents are to congratulated for the important role you played by self isolating and as I write we are 100% free from the dreadful Virus. A tremendous result so CONGRATULATIONS ALL!!

Revealed last night whilst listening to the news, 647 people died in the past 24 hours in England. It really brought home to me AGAIN, how deadly and severe this pandemic continues to be in other parts of the world. Australia is doing a GREAT job! So keep up the good work and when next it is my turn to write, I believe we shall be back to normal  appreciating our way of life, even more than we did pre Corona days.

A lot of talk about businesses surviving after lockdown is over. Australians are survivors, resilient and tough. I for one have no doubt that once we are back to normal, everyone will hit the ground running and any business that was viable pre Corona, with a little help shall bounce back quickly. Support our local businesses more than ever before!

Hilltops Council conducted our first Ordinary Monthly Council meeting using new technology ZOOM. It certainly was a new experience, meeting with some 11 Councillors, General Manager,  Directors and others. Everyone participating from their own homes and away we went — UNBELIEVABLE — New General Manager Anthony O’Reilly and his staff, are to be congratulated for all the successful hard work being conducted in a professional manner, during these very difficult and unprecedented times. CONGRATULATIONS ALL!!

The important outcome is that Council continues to function well, is dealing with all relevant issues even in these difficult times and we continue to conduct Committee meetings using zoom.

The light is getting bigger at the end of the tunnel, support each other, stay healthy and happy.

My very best wishes to all Residents of Hilltops and  “CHEERS”

Councillor John Horton