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Councillor Column – 9 May 2023 – Councillor Mary Dodd

May 17, 2023

For Immediate Release 18 April 2023
Authorised by Deputy Mayor Alison Foreman

For the last month I have been travelling, visiting family overseas. Swathes of golden canola fields reminded me of home. The farm buildings may have looked different but so many things are the same the world over.

Negotiating very narrow streets in cities and towns, apartments 5 storeys high and right on the street, drivers honking, buses and trucks, made me realise how fortunate we are to have wide streets, space and a relaxed lifestyle.

Potholes, a regular concern in Hilltops and across NSW, were also very evident. It seems that anywhere with high rainfall or snow, has the same difficulties with the costly and complicated business of road repair.

Remember to have your say in the Hilltops Waste Community Consultation before 31st May, either by attending a workshop, filling in the online form or sending an email ( In France, recycling was very common including bins in shopping centres for things such as batteries, phones, light globes and printer cartridges. I visited a local recycling centre in a small town of around 4,000 people. Items that do not go in the regular collection of recycling (similar to our yellow bins), are sorted into numerous categories and recycled, with some things such as clothing and pallets being collected for reuse. Very little seems to end up in general rubbish and landfill.

I am looking forward to the Mother’s Day Street Parties being held this week in Harden (Thursday), Boorowa (Friday) and Young (Saturday). An opportunity to support local businesses, buy a gift for Mum and have fun!

It has been a joy to return and see the autumn colours of our beautiful Hilltops.
Mary Dodd
0404 485 519