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Development Types

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To establish if your proposal requires approval you will need to determine the type of development that you propose.

Some development requires an application to Council while other developments may be undertaken without any planning approval.

There are three possible pathways that allow development to be lawfully undertaken, being:

  1. Exempt development
  2. Complying development; and a
  3. Development Application

Exempt development

Minor work that has minimal environmental impact may be carried out as exempt development providing that certain matters are satisfied. As the title suggest exempt development can be done without planning approval, although other approvals may be required. Click here for more information from the NSW Department of Plannings’ website.

Complying development

Complying development is a small scale residential, commercial and industrial development that can meet a predetermined set of local and state government development standards.  Complying development certificates that enable the work to be legally undertaken can be issued by Council or a private certifier without the need for a full development application.Click here for more information from the NSW Department of Plannings’ website.

Development Application

For a development that is not exempt or complying, a development application must be lodged with Council. See Development Assessment Page for further information and details.