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Draft Hilltops 2040 public exhibition period extended

May 13, 2020

Following requests for more time to read and review the document, the consultation period for the draft Hilltops 2040 have been extended by one week. Council recognise that additional time is required to ensure the community have their say.


The draft Hilltops 2040 can be viewed on Councils website at  under the ‘Plans and Policies on Display’ page. Submissions will now be accepted until 5.00pm Monday 25 May 2020.

The draft Hilltops 2040 sets a 20-year land use planning vision with priorities and actions for across the Hilltops. To achieve this, Hilltops 2040 acknowledges what should stay the same and what may change in relation to each of our communities.

Hilltops 2040 will provide greater information on the Council’s land use planning and infrastructure objectives for Hilltops communities, give direction for Council and the community when planning for the future. It also outlines the priorities and actions needed to see this happen.

The document notes the individual strengths and opportunities of major towns across Hilltops and what is proposed to see these strengths sustained and grow to see us thrive well into the future.

Draft Hilltops 2040 considers the economic and social needs of the Hilltops community and how these will change in the future. It also considers how to protect and improve the livability of our towns and our natural environment in response to local, regional, national and global challenges.

This includes the locations and types of growth each town can accommodate and their critical roles in economic development.  Also, the things each community have told us they want to protect, to ensure the rural lifestyles they enjoy can also be enjoyed by their kids and grandkids well into the future.

The finalised Hilltops 2040 will inform changes to future planning controls including the directions and controls to be contained within the proposed Hilltops Local Environmental Plan (LEP) which will be developed upon completion of this document. It will also inform the proposed Hilltops Development Control Plan (DCP), which Council are seeking to develop in 2020/21.

Have your say and provide your thoughts on the draft Hilltops 2040 currently on public exhibition by letting us know what you would like to see change, grow or stay the same moving towards 2040. A submission can be a few dot points, sentences or paragraphs. As long or as short as you think needed to share your thoughts.

If you have questions or would like to speak to Council Staff about Hilltops 2040 please call 1300 445 586 during business hours.