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Enhance your leadership skills- Free Workshops

Oct 11, 2018

October is Small Business Month and Hilltops Council is participating by hosting Entrepreneurial Leadership Masterclasses in Boorowa, Harden and Young.

The workshops are free thanks to the generosity of sponsorship from the NSW State Government through their Small Business Month program and the only commitment from you is to register and spend two hours of your time attending to enhance your business skills.

The Hilltops workshops will be presented by Stephen Rutter of the Scale Institute and each workshop will start at 6 and finish at 8pm. By attending you will learn that the art of entrepreneurial leadership hinges on creating the kind of organisational culture that will enable teams to operate independently of your oversight, autonomously tackling the uncertainties that stand in the way of success. Building and sustaining these cultures calls for several unique leadership skills that Stephen will provide through this workshop series.

The Hilltops workshops will be presented by Stephen Rutter of the Scale Institute and each workshop will start at 6pm and finish at 8pm.

The Boorowa workshop will be held at St Joseph’s School Hall, Scott Street, Boorowa on Tuesday, October 23.

Harden’s event will be at the Harden Country Club, East Street, Harden on Wednesday, October 24.

The Young workshop will be held at the Young Services Club on Thursday, October 25.

Registrations are invited to assist with catering, as the last half hour of the presentation will be an opportunity to enjoy some refreshments while getting to know other business people in attendance.

You can register online by visiting

Otherwise, you can simply contact the customer service staff at each of the Hilltops Administration Offices, they will take your details and pass them on to Council’s Economic Development Officer, Debbie Evans, or you can contact Debbie directly via email or by phone on 63801224. The contact numbers for the Hilltops Council Offices are:

Boorowa 63802000
Harden 63860100
Young 63801200

Stephen Rutter is the founder of the Scale Institute, he has over 20 years’ experience in global business environments spanning logistics, entertainment and education management.

He was Head of Experience at Sydney School of Entrepreneurship developing a product roadmap of academic experiences across NSW.

He has worked for Cathay Pacific Airways, Show Group and UTS – as director of Business Practice, customising innovation programs for industry.

Council is very pleased to bring this business development opportunity to the Hilltops and hopes business will support the event and spread the word to others who may be interested.

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