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Hilltops Council take steps toward clearer water

Mar 20, 2020

Council advise that they have almost completed the Back Creek Road water main renewal project. The final stage of the project is to undertake the connection of the new pipe and disconnection of the old pipe. This project is aimed at improving water quality across Young.

There will be properties which may experience low water pressure or no water supply between 9.30am and 3.30pm on Tuesday 24 March 2020.

Properties on Back Creek Road from Matthew Street to Thornell Road including Bailes Cresent, Tadros Avenue, Normoyle Crescent, Settlers Place, Gold Court, Willawong Street, Windermere Street, Newton Road, Kingsvale Road, Normans Road, Thornell Road and Stanley Park Road will be affected.

For your convenience and to assist this exercise, during this time you should:
1. Draw off and store sufficient water for your needs for the period of interruption.
2. Please do not turn on any tap during the interruption. If you inadvertently turn one on, please turn it off immediately.
3. When supply has been restored, run the following taps for 2 minutes in the following order UNTIL the water becomes clean and free of air:

  • A garden tap
  • A cold-water kitchen tap
  • All hot water taps

Do not use a washing machine or any other water using appliance until the water has become clean and free of air.

If the above action is not taken by you, aerated and dirty water drawn from the water mains during this work may:

  • Stain clothing if washed
  • Damage plumbing fixtures
  • Cause dirt and air to accumulate in hot water appliances.

We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.