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Immediate traffic restrictions on Wambanumba Bridge

Sep 7, 2018

Hilltops Council advise that there are immediate traffic restrictions imposed on Murringo Road (MR241) Wambanumba Bridge east of Young. These restrictions are required due to structural cracking of the bridge.

The restrictions imposed are:

  • Immediate 10 tonne gross load limit on all heavy vehicles using this bridge
  • A 10 kmph speed limit on all vehicles using this bridge

Portable traffic signals will be placed on each side of the bridge to control traffic flow and speed. Weight restriction on this bridge will be strictly enforced until further notice.

Council will be positioning signage at the following locations:

  • Olympic Hwy (Zouch Street) intersection with Lovell Street (Murringo Road) in Young, directing vehicles over 10 tonne south along Olympic Hwy to Burley Griffin Way at Wallenbeen Village;
  • Lachlan Valley Way and Murringo Road intersection in Boorowa, directing vehicles over 10 tonne north along Lachlan Valley Way to Cowra.

In both instances above advanced detour warning signs will be installed to warn approaching Heavy Vehicle operators.

Any heavy vehicles that exceeds a 10-tonne gross load limit intending on using Lachlan Valley Way from the Hume Highway and travelling to Young will now need to use the Burley Griffin Way and Olympic Highway or alternatively detour through to Cowra

Likewise, any heavy vehicles that exceeds a 10-tonne gross load limit travelling from Cowra will need to travel through to Young and then use the Olympic Highway and Burley Griffin Way to access the Hume Highway

All heavy vehicle operators are encouraged to check for further details.

Further detailed assessment and structural review of the bridge will be carried out by expert consultants next week.

Hilltops Council apologises for any inconvenience caused by these restrictions however these measures are absolutely necessary for public safety.

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