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Live stream of Council Meetings to continue

Jul 26, 2018

Hilltops Council have resolved to continue the live streaming of Council meetings following the conclusion of the six month trial period of the live streaming of all Council Meetings.

The intention of live streaming the council meetings is to provide more flexible and convenient access for the community to the debate and discussions held by the Council. It makes the Council meetings more accessible for community participation without having to be physically present at the meetings.

Live streaming Council Meetings also eliminates geographic and time barriers which may prevent the public from attending meetings in person resulting in greater community confidence in the integrity and accountability of the decision-making process.

“There is definite value in live streaming the meetings. It enables the community to keep informed without having to leave their loungeroom as well as being a great asset in ensuring the minutes of each meeting are kept correctly. The equipment is all set up in the Council Chambers so the decision to continue the live streaming each meeting will not pose any financial implication for Council.” Hilltops Mayor Brian Ingram said.

During the meeting on Wednesday night Council also formally adopted the Live Streaming of Council Meetings Policy. This policy document has been reviewed against the current legislation and outlines the rules and regulations associated with the live streaming.

This Policy aims to improve accessibility and community participation in relation to decision making processes. It is envisaged that live streaming, recording and publishing Council Meetings on Council’s website will provide more flexible and convenient access of Council debate and decisions to a wider audience.

These decisions reflect Council’s commitment to transparent and accessible decision-making processes.

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