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Media Release – 05 June 2024 – Hilltops Council Joins Vinnies CEO Sleepout to Combat Homelessness

Jun 5, 2024

For Immediate Release Wednesday 05 June 2024
Authorised by Anthony O’Reilly

Hilltops Council Joins Vinnies CEO Sleepout to Combat Homelessness

On June 20 2024, Hilltops Council, with the support of Mayor Margaret Roles and General Manager Anthony O’Reilly, will participate in the annual Vinnies CEO Sleepout. This event will take place at the Young Railway station from 6pm to 6am the following day and aims to raise funds and awareness for Australians experiencing homelessness or at risk of finding themselves without a safe place to call home.

The Vinnies CEO Sleepout is a crucial initiative that brings together hundreds of business, government, and community leaders who brave one of the longest and coldest nights of the year. Through this experience, participants gain insight into the daily struggles faced by tens of thousands of Australians who lack secure housing.

In 2024, the focus of the event is to spotlight the diverse faces of homelessness, not just those who sleep rough on the streets, but also individuals living in overcrowded dwellings, crisis accommodation, or precarious housing situations. With more than 122,500 Australians experiencing homelessness, and approximately 8,200 people sleeping rough, the need for support and resources is urgent.

Mayor Margaret Roles and General Manager Anthony O’Reilly, supported by a team of Hilltops Council staff participating are committed to raising vital funds for Vinnies’ services. These services include crisis accommodation, food, healthcare, counselling, education, employment assistance, and support to find permanent housing. To donate to the Hilltops Council team, please visit –

Mr O’Reilly expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Participating in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout is an opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness. By coming together as a community, we can raise critical funds to support Vinnies’ vital services and work towards ending homelessness in our region.”

Hilltops Council urges individuals, businesses, and organisations to join in supporting this important cause, ensuring that Vinnies’ essential services can continue to provide assistance to those in need year-round.

Media enquiries – Hilltops Council 1300 445 586