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Media Release – 10 November 2023 – Special Rate Variation Community Consultation Feedback

Nov 10, 2023

For Immediate Release Friday 10 November 2023  
Authorised by Anthony O’Reilly

After conducting twenty community workshops across the Hilltops region to gather insights into community sentiment on the consideration of a special rate variation, we have compiled feedback from participants. Additionally, valuable input has been obtained from the Special Rate Variation Community Reference Group.

The results from the Community Satisfaction Survey and feedback forms submitted by residents have also been collated. This comprehensive feedback will be formally presented to Councillors during the November Ordinary Council Meeting, serving as a vital resource to assist them in making informed decisions regarding the consideration of any Special Rate Variation application.

During this meeting, Councillors will be presented with various scenarios for consideration, including the option to discontinue the pursuit of a Special Rate Variation or to engage in community consultation on these potential scenarios.

Councillors will carefully weigh up the financial position of the Council and the community feedback. Should Council resolve to continue consultation, a final decision on whether to apply to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) for a Special Rate Variation will be made by Councillors in early February 2024 at a council meeting.

These considerations are integral to Council’s commitment to achieving financial sustainability. For more details and to access the gathered feedback, please visit the Hilltops Council website: Special Rate Variation Information – Hilltops Council (


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