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Media Release – 20 September 2023 – Hilltops Council to Donate Excess Library Shelving and Equipment

Sep 20, 2023

Following the successful transition to the new Hilltops Young High School Library, Hilltops Council now has a surplus of library-related inventory, furniture, shelving and display cabinets from our former Lynch Street location.

Council has repurposed any items that can be utilised in other Council facilities and would now like to offer these surplus items to local educational establishments and not-for-profit (NFP) organisations in the Hilltops area.

Council is confident that these donations will enrich learning environments and community centres.

Council invites parties to contact us to express their interest in acquiring any of the available library-related items.

The donation process is as follows:

  • Expression of Interest: Interested parties should lodge a request via the customer request management system on the Hilltops Council website. This can be done by selecting the ‘Lodge a Request’ link on Council’s website and selecting the library option.
    Please note subject details must contain – ‘old young library furniture expression of interest’
  • Inventory Details: Council will then provide an inventory list detailing the available items.
  • Inspection Opportunity: Interested parties will have the opportunity to inspect the available items in person.
  • Allocation: Council will review all expressions of interest and allocate items to parties based on their specific needs and the availability of resources.
  • Collection Arrangements: Successful recipients will be responsible for arranging the collection of their chosen items at designated times. Collection will be at the cost of successful recipients.

Expressions of interest close Wednesday 18 October 2023 at 5pm.


Media enquiries – Hilltops Council 1300 445 586