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Media Release – 28 August 2023 – Upcoming Community Consultation Workshops

Aug 29, 2023

Special Rate Variation – Upcoming Community Consultation Workshops 

Hilltops Council is exploring the option of a Special Rate Variation (SRV) application.  Any application for a SRV must be submitted to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) for their review. The reason for an application typically stems from Council needing to increase their rates income to cover the cost of continuing to provide existing services or to improve them.  

Council need to notify IPART in November 2023 if it is thinking about applying for a SRV. So, before we make a decision to notify IPART, Council want to gather sentiment about the community’s expectation and satisfaction with our services. One way opinion will be attained is through a series of 20 Community Consultation Workshops. These workshops are an opportunity for the community to provide feedback and find out more about the SRV process. They will assist Council with its application decision. 

General Manager Anthony O’Reilly encourages people to share their views “A possible SRV Application and the conversation around it is complex, with lots to consider. It is my hope that the Hilltops community actively engages in these sessions, offering their perspectives on service expectations, while also raising concerns and posing questions”.  

Council has already received enquiries about how the SRV may look for residents, specifically the percentage increase of rates, which has not yet been decided. It is through the Community Consultation Workshops, and other consultation that this decision will be informed.  

All the feedback we receive over the next few months will be considered by Councillors in November this year. At this time, the Council will make a decision on putting costed SRV options out for community consultation.  


Media enquiries – Hilltops Council 1300 445 586 

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