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Media Release – 5 April 2023 – Hilltops Council Community Consultation Improvements to Waste Services

Apr 5, 2023

For Immediate ReleaseWednesday 5 April 2023
Authorised by Anthony O’Reilly

On 28 September 2022, Council resolved to extend its existing waste collection contracts. As part of this extension, Council wishes to consult with the community on how best to improve waste management services across the Hilltops.

Public consultation will aim to collect data about community opinion relating to possible changes including but not limited to:

  • Changes to service fees. The Local Government Act does not allow rate revenue to be put toward domestic waste management services. Council’s waste management services must recover their costs, and so consideration of any changes to the services provided needs to include consideration of fees.
  • Changes to collection areas. Some areas, particularly around Young, are outside the current collection area but could be serviced efficiently by kerbside collection. Extending kerbside collections to some villages would also be considered.
  • Changes to the type and frequency of kerbside collections. The types of collection and the frequency of collection vary between the collection towns. Changes may improve services, reduce costs, or provide uniformity of service standards.
  • New or alternative bins. Existing bins are at the end of their life. New bins will address this issue, and existing bins can be recycled. This will also allow any changes to bin sizes or types to be considered.
  • Changes to recycling materials. Changes to kerbside collection services, changes in community sentiment, and technological changes may impact the types and volumes of recycling being processed.

Council has already begun the consultation process by sharing an online survey and now wish to hold consultation sessions in all towns and villages where Council has a waste facility.

Council encourages community members to attend the below sessions to have their say on the future of waste across the Hilltops.

The online survey will remain available on our website until 31 May 2023 for those who are unable to attend a consultation session.

Media enquiries – Hilltops Council 1300 445 586