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New Bulk Water Filling Station Open in Young

May 25, 2020

A new Bulk Water Filling Station has opened in Young this morning. The facility is available to Hilltops residents who require bulk water extraction from council’s reticulated supply. Quantities of up to 3000 litres can be dispensed at a time.

This bulk water extraction facility allows for the availability of water to those who do not have access to reticulated supply and is part of council’s commitment towards providing improved service to the community. It is located at the rear of the Hilltops Council Depot on Glensloy Street.

The fees applicable will be $3.80 per KL in line with Hilltops Council’s fees and charges. Council does not make profit out of water dispensing operation including bulk water extraction. The station will operate on a tap and go system which uses either a credit card or a debit card with tap and go/payWave option. There will no longer be a coin payment option available.

Customers wishing to use the new filling station will require a hose pipe fitted with either a 50mm female or 25mm female Camloc fitting.

“It is great to see the new Bulk Water Filling Station is now open to the public. Council remain committed to providing a high level of service to our landholders and will continue to ensure the availability of bulk water at a reasonable price,” said Hilltops Mayor Brian Ingram.