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A quick and easy way to provide information to council is by completing a survey.  Each survey gives you an opportunity to provide additional information.

Want to discuss and lodge a group submission for the Delivery Program.

This package is a guide only and not a rule of engagement.  You can provide your committee feedback through our online submission or via

Remember that members of committees are not excluded from lodging their own personal survey or submission.

Council understand that we are working in unknown times and must plan for the unexpected.

So, Council has changed our public workshops to phone calls or online video links.  An invitation will be set up.

There is a set program of questions and then your opportunity to provide comment on the delivery program.  Bookings are limited to 30 minutes.

Subject to the availability, multiple meetings may not be an option.


Want to provide information on any of the Integrated Planning and Reporting plans that are on exhibition or under consultation, you can by lodging a submission.