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Replacement of Poplars and road improvements – Riverside Drive Jugiong

May 20, 2020

Council will be replacing the poplars on Riverside Drive Jugiong with Lipstick Maples. The Lipstick Maple has been selected to enhance existing lipstick maples already planted in Jugiong and is also consistent with the planting guide in the Jugiong Masterplan.

The existing poplars have been assessed to be at the end of their life and are at risk of falling in storms and causing safety issues. These trees are also not compatible with being close to the existing powerlines.

Work has already commenced on the above works with one tree removed on 13 May 2020. Council will remove the remaining dangerous trees between now and September 2020. Council will work with the Jugiong Advancement Group (JAG) to ensure that Lipstick Maples are planted in replacement of the removed poplars.

In addition, Council will be commencing the next phase of the street beautification works.   This will include upgrading drainage near the intersection of Jugiong Road and Riverside Drive, upgrade of speed traffic signs and garden entrance treatments at the entrances to Jugiong Village, formalising  carparking with line marking in the village and sealing the shoulders on Riverside Drive.

The drainage improvements will be conducted near the intersection of Jugiong Road and Riverside Drive. This work should be completed by the end of May. The remainder of the roadworks will be completed by middle of June. All of these works will be in accordance with the Jugiong Masterplan. Should you have any enquiries in this matter please contact Hilltops Council on 1300 445 586.