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Short Term Pesticide Notification

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Pesticide & Herbicide Use Notification until week ending Thursday 30 November 2023

Planned pesticide and herbicide use by Council works crews will be conducted on:

  • All roads in Hilltops Council – Young, Boorowa and Harden areas;
  • Shire parks, ovals, laneways and some town areas;
  • All villages, rest areas, rural tips and reserves; and
  • Rural and regional road shoulders.

And may include the use of:

  • Round Up, Round Up Ultra Max, Wipeout 450, Glyphosate 450, Brush Off, Starane, Basta, Biffo, Sharpen, Striker, Amitrol, Simaganz, Weedmaster, Dicamba, Kamba M, Metsulfuron, Grazon, Primo, MCPA 500, Ken-Met, Taskforce, Para-Trooper, Spraytop, Devour, Verdict, Pyrethrum, Broadstrike and Fusilade;
  • Confidor for aphids;
  • Access for wild fruit tree control;
  • Various wetters to enhance the effectiveness of chemical; and
  • Naturalure Fruit Fly Bait to target the control of fruit fly.

In accordance with Hilltops Council’s Pesticide Notification Plan, signs and flashing lights will be provided on vehicles applying pesticides.  Escort warning vehicles will be used for the 2023/2024 road shoulder program.  Signage will be placed to inform the public where required and will remain on-site for 24 hours after spraying.

Drivers should exercise extreme caution when passing these vehicles.

The planned pesticide and herbicide use is subject to change due to Council resources and weather conditions.