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Stay safe this Fireworks Season

Jun 3, 2020

With the June long weekend fast approaching, Council would like to remind all Hilltops residents planning to hold a fireworks display (this includes backyard events) that it is a requirement of the Explosive Act 2003 for a person to obtain a permit from Safe Work NSW.  This permit must be obtained before the release of any fireworks.

Any person that buys, possess, and uses authorised fireworks must hold a current license with SafeWork NSW.
As part of the process of obtaining a Firework Licence, notice of intention for fireworks must be given to Council, NSW Police, NSW Fire and Rescue and the NSW Rural Fire Service. Council does not have authority to approve the use of the fireworks or to regulate the activity.If you have concerns regarding Firework displays you can report this to the Police or Safework NSW.
Further information can be found at:

Pets and Fire Works

Many pounds report an increase in runaway cats and dogs after a storm or fireworks night.

A dog can hear ten times better than a human. Fireworks typically explode at a staggering 145-150 decibels, so these explosions can be terrifyingly frightening and loud for an animal.

As many animals have a fear of fireworks and storms, they often injure themselves trying to escape the noise. Some dogs will jump or dig under fences. Others find their way onto busy roads and can be struck by vehicles.
If you can, it is best to stay home with your pet, provide your pet with a comfortable environment and engage your pet in normal activities. If you are not going to be at home, make sure you provide your pet with a safe, secure and comfortable environment. Whenever possible, bring your pet indoors. If your pet has ongoing trouble with loud noises like fireworks and storms please speak to your veterinarian for further assistance and to discuss all your options.

Many animals become extremely upset when firework events are taking place.

The RSPCA NSW have provided some simple steps to minimise firework stress in pets:

  • Ensure your pets are wearing ID tags and their microchip details are up to date.
  • If you know a storm is coming, or fireworks are planned, ensure your pets are exercised and well-fed before the storm or fireworks start
  • Keep your animals indoors in a safe, secure and comfortable environment
  • Securely stable horses at a location away from firework noises
  • Leave the TV or radio on to mask any sounds
  • Remove any sharp objects that might cause injury to a panicking animal
  • If your pets are particularly prone to fireworks or storm panic, stay at home with them.

Further information can be found at: