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Wambanumba Creek Bridge Sidetrack Detour Open

Oct 3, 2018

Hilltops Council is pleased to advise that a sidetrack detour has been constructed around the Wambanumba Creek Bridge site.  The sidetrack is now open to traffic as a single lane and will allow all vehicles including heavy vehicles greater than 10 tonnes gross vehicle mass to travel Murringo Road (RR214), between Young and Murringo Village. At this stage the bypass will remain under traffic control until such time as the gravel surface has been sealed, within the next one to two weeks depending on weather conditions.

The sidetrack will be completed with a bitumen seal surface that will cater for two way traffic flow around the closed bridge structure. A reduced speed limit will remain in place with speed limit restriction signs posted either side of the Wambanumba Bridge.  The speed limit restriction will be monitored by NSW Police.


The reduced speed limit restriction imposed at this location at present are as follows:

  • 80km/h and then 40km/h as indicated by the sign postings installed.

Motorists are advised to travel in accordance with the sign posted reduced speed limit restriction as the road alignment of Murringo Road changes in direction onto the sidetrack detour.


Motorists are advised to take due care whilst approaching and travelling along the sidetrack detour.


The side-track detour will be in operation until further notice.


In the unlikely event prolonged inclement weather is experienced, there is the potential that the sidetrack may be affected by rising water levels within Wambanumba Creek.  Council may be required to close access to the sidetrack in the event that it becomes flooded by Wambanumba Creek and reinstate the 10tonne GVM weight restrictions across the Wambanumba Bridge. Heavy vehicles at that time will be required to revert back to the heavy vehicle detour via Cowra of Wallendbeen that was previously in place.