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Marina St, Young, NSW

The Young Skate ‘n’ BMX Park was designed by and for skaters and riders.

The park was designed by Convic, global leaders in skate park solutions, with input from local skaters and riders. It has a great flow which works well for all skill levels and it is in a prime location with public toilets and drinking water nearby.

The park is suitable for skateboards, BMXs, scooters, blades and everything in between having great coping and a smooth surface.

Features include a spine & camel hump, a pocket, a vert wall, a manual pad, grind boxes, rails, quarter pipe and roll-in ramps and a unique obstacle that has become known as the ‘Kosciuszko’.


Located within Boorowa Recreation Grounds off Pudman Street, it is for all skill levels with public toilets nearby.

Stay tuned for skate park facilities in Harden!

For skate park etiquette, click here.