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Draft Operational Plan and associated documents

Council’s Operational Plan is an annual implementation program that directly addresses the activities outlined in the Hilltops Council Delivery Program. The Operational Plan helps to identify the services, projects and events that Council will undertake in the 2024-25 financial year, to align our actions to the Delivery Program items.

The Operational Plan also contains associated documents such as the Revenue Policy, Fees & Charges and Long-Term Financial Plan and Budget.

Therefore, the Draft Operational Plan 2024-25 with the following incorporated documents is now on public exhibition:

  • Draft Revenue Policy
  • Draft Fees & Charges
  • Draft Long-Term Financial Plan and Budget

To view the draft plan and associated documents, please download below.

To make a submission on the above items, click below:

Make a Submission Here

Submissions for the plan and associated documents are to be received by 5pm Friday 21 June 2024


Councils Draft Plan of Management has now been approved by Crown Lands. The Plan of Management details the high-level direction of the use and management of Community land within legislative requirements and provides a strategic framework for Council to guide sustainable development, use and maintenance of the site.

All stakeholders are given the opportunity to express their opinions and provide relevant information in relation to the planned management of the land, however, as the land is Crown land, initial and final approval for the Plan of Management rests with the Minister administering the Crown Lands Act 2016 as the owner of the lands.

If after public consultation there is no change to the Plan of Management, no additional ministerial consent is required, and Council can proceed to adopt the Plan of Management.

If there is a proposed change to the Plan of Management following public consultation the Plan of Management must again be referred to the Minister Administering the Crown Lands Act 2016 for approval prior to being adopted by Council.

To view the draft plan, please download below.

To make a submission on the above item, click below:

Make a Submission Here

Submissions for the draft Plan of Management are to be received by 5pm Wednesday 24 July 2024.


Hilltops Council gives notice under s.47 of the Local Government Act 1993 of its intention to grant a Licence for the management of part of the land known as Reserve 78952.

The Young Aquatic Centre is located on Crown land which comprises a Reserve under the Crown Land Management Act 2016. Hilltops Council is the appointed Crown Land Manager of the Reserve.

Hilltops Council proposes to grant a Licence which includes a Management Agreement for the Management of the Young Aquatic Centre for a period of twelve (12) months with extensions up to a period of five (5) years.

Property: Part Reserve 78952 contained in Lot 7059 DP 1021397.

Permitted Use: Management and operation of the Young Aquatic Centre

Licensee: Currently under an Expression of Interest Process.

Should you lodge a submission it will be considered, along with any other submissions received and may be included in a report to Council. Your submission, including any personal information, is accessible by any person upon written request, subject to Council’s Privacy Management Plan and the Government Information (Public Access ) Act 2009. The inclusion of personal information in your submission is voluntary but, if not provided, may affect consideration of the submission. The information will ultimately be stored in Council’s records system.

To make a submission on the above item, click below:

Make a Submission Here

Submissions are to be received by 5pm Wednesday 26 June 2024.

Development applications on exhibition

Council will often have Development Applications on public exhibition.  The applications currently on public exhibition and further information regarding tracking Development Applications can be found here.

Please note that information collected by Council in relation to Development Applications including public submissions on Development Applications, is open access information that can be obtained by members of the public under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. Most of the information collected by Council can be accessed via this Act and in accordance with Council’s Privacy Management Plan.

More information on How to have your say
Hilltops Council seeks community input and feedback on a range of issues. Stakeholder engagement is an important element of the Council decision-making process.

Comments and submissions must be made in writing so they can be considered by Council. Comments can only be considered as formal submissions if the author’s details are included.

Please note that written submissions may be made public as part of a report to a Council meeting.

Several items can be open for public comment at the same time, submissions must clearly specify which topic is being addressed.

  • Submissions can be made via an online form: 

This online form can be found via a ‘button’ located with the specific draft policy information.

  • Submissions can also be sent by mail to:

General Manager
Hilltops Council
Locked Bag 5,
Young NSW, 2594