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Waste Services & Recycling

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Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy

Hilltops Council in consultation with the community developed a Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy which outlines a clear direction for the minimisation, management and education around waste and recycling for the Hilltops Local Government Area.

Kerbside Collection Services

The collection services available depends on where you live in the Hilltops area.

Harden & Young Residential Areas have a three-bin service (garbage, recycling and greenwaste);

Boorowa has a two-bin service (garbage & recycling), and Galong village has a garbage service. 

Other village and rural areas do not have a collection service at this time.

Collection Calendars (click on your town for PDF)

Young – PDF Click to download

Galong – PDF Click to download

Harden – PDF Click to download

Boorowa – PDF Click to download

If any of your bins have not been emptied, one of the following may have occurred:

  • The incorrect bin being left out;
  • The bin was too heavy for the truck to lift;
  • The bin was not facing the right direction (wheels away from the kerb);
  • The bin was obstructed;
  • Contamination of the bin with the incorrect waste item; or
  • Other service issue as detailed.


What goes in your general waste bin – PDF Click to download


What goes in your recycling bin – PDF Click to download


A green waste/garden organics collection service is provided for residents in the Harden and Young residential areas and has a light green lid. Boorowa does not currently receive this service.

What goes in your greenwaste bin – PDF Click to download


If one or more of your bins are stolen, please contact Hilltops Council on 1300 445 586 and we will be able to assist you. 

Waste facilities

Hilltops Council administers several facilities across the area. Some of these are licensed facilities by the NSW Environment Protection Authority, however all operate under guidelines issued under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 and Guidelines as issued by the EPA.

Council encourages all residents to reduce, reuse and recycle, and asks that residents follow signage and directions given to ensure that sustainable waste services can continue to be offered to its residents.

Map of Hilltops Council Waste Management Facilities and Waste Transfer Stations here.


Some waste incurs a cost because it goes to landfill, which affects our environment and also costs more for the Council to dispose, please refer to Councils Fees and Charges. Visit our Council Policies & Plans page to view the most up to date Fees and Charges. 



Victoria St, Young
PH: (02) 6382 2980
Open: Monday to Saturday 8.30am-4.00pm
Sunday and Public Holidays 8.30am – 2.30pm
Closed: Good Friday and Christmas Day

The Victoria St site accepts mixed solid waste, whitegoods, tyres and green waste, as well as facilities for recycling (including scrap metal, paper, plastics, glass, aluminium, e-waste, waste oils, and DrumMuster)


The Victoria Street Facility accepts asbestos by appointment only with 48 hours notice required. To make an appointment to dispose of asbestos please call 1300 445 586.

Please note the following:

  • Bonded asbestos only. Friable asbestos is unable to be accepted
  • Asbestos sheeting must be double wrapped in heavy duty polyethylene (polythene) sheeting (minimum 200 μm thickness.)
  • Each bag must be labelled ‘asbestos’
  • Only small quantities of asbestos will be accepted (max 10 square meters)
  • Large commercial volumes are unable to be accepted. Large volumes are to be disposed at an alternate licenced facility that is licenced to accept asbestos
  • Bagged/wrapped asbestos must be portioned to enable easy and safe manoeuvring.


Redhill Rd, Young
Open: Monday to Saturday 8.00am to 12.00pm, 2.00pm to 4.00pm
(closed 12.00pm-2.00pm)
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays
The Redhill Rd site accepts inert and non-organic materials only, including concrete and rubble, building materials, furniture, plastics and fabrics (mattresses, lounges etc).
No greenwaste, food items, hazardous wastes will be accepted at this site.


Tip Road, Boorowa
Open: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 1.15pm to 4.00pm
Saturday & Sunday 8.00am to 4.00pm
(closed for lunch 12.30pm to 1.00pm)

Closed: Public Holidays

The Boorowa Waste Management Facility accepts mixed solid waste, whitegoods, tyres and green waste, as well as recycling facilities (including scrap metal, paper, plastics, glass, aluminium, e-waste, waste oils, and DrumMuster)


Araluen Road, Murrumburrah
Open: Wednesday & Friday 9:00am – 3:30pm
Sunday 9:00am – 4:00pm

Closed: Public Holidays

The Murrumburrah Waste Transfer Station accepts mixed solid waste, whitegoods, tyres and green waste, as well as recycling facilities (including scrap metal, paper, plastics, glass, aluminium, e-waste, waste oils, and DrumMuster)


Open: 9.30am to 12.30pm Thursday and Saturday


Open: 1.30pm-4.30pm Thursday and Saturday

The Galong and Jugiong Transfer Station accept household waste (mixed solid waste) and recycling, including comingled recycling, DrumMuster and waste motor oils)


Koorawatha tip will operate under supervision and will be open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8am to 12:30pm and 1pm to 2:30pm.


Other village landfill/transfer stations are accessible to residents eligible for the service. Village facilities are available for household waste and recycling only. All other waste materials must be disposed of at the appropriate facility in Young, Boorowa or Harden.



Free e-waste disposal is available for TVs and personal computers.

E-waste collection is available at three sites in the Hilltops area;

  • Young Victoria St (contact 02 6382 2980)
  • Boorowa Landfill (contact 02 6380 2000)
  • Murrumburrah Waste Transfer Station (contact 02 6386 2305)


Council is an active and registered participant of the DrumMuster Scheme for the return of used agricultural, farm and veterinary chemical containers. These drums can be delivered to Council’s facilities at:

  • Young Victoria St (contact 02 6380 2980)
  • Boorowa Landfill (contact 02 6380 2000)
  • Galong and Jugiong Waste Transfer Stations (contact 02 6386 2305)


The Household Chemical Cleanout event is held once a year, where residents can drop off their unwanted household chemicals free of charge.

Chemicals include:

You can take household quantities of the following household chemical, and items – up to a maximum of 20 litres or 20 kilograms of a single item.

  • Solvents and household cleaners
  • Floor care products
  • Ammonia-based cleaners
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Poisons
  • Pool chemicals
  • Hobby chemicals
  • Motor fuels
  • Fluorescent globes and tubes
  • Acids and alkalis
  • Smoke detectors
  • Paint and paint-related products
  • Gas bottles
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Car and household batteries
  • Motor oils and cooking oils

Business-related and commercial quantities of chemicals are not accepted. Please inquire with a commercial waste operator or visit for commercial waste disposal.

The event is hosted by Council through the support of the NSW EPA.

Rethink your waste

We would like to encourage our residents to RETHINK YOUR WASTE!

The best bin is an empty one where waste is avoided or reused. Think about the RRRRRs:


It’s important that we all work together to try and reduce waste, improve recycling and dispose of waste items responsibly.

Recycling & resource recovery

Recycling & resource recovery

Let’s all work together to recycle to reduce waste in our environment.


Say no to extra packaging, Bring your own bag, basket or box, Say no to ‘junk mail’, Avoid disposable cups and plates (bring your own cup).


Bring your own cup, Shop local and avoid excess packaging, Buy only what you need. Check out programs like Love Food Hate Waste or for businesses, check out BinTrim (see links below).


Look for items that are reusable, refillable, rechargeable.
Use reusable containers, Donate unwanted items to Charity, Hold Garage Sale (or join the Garage Sale Trail!), Buy preloved items.


Fix and Repair your items to keep them in your home and out of landfill.


Recycle everything you can, Choose items made from recyclable and reusable materials, compost or get a worm farm.

Recycling can be confusing. Not all plastics can be recycled and what’s recyclable in other council areas may not be recyclable here.

Recycling in the Hilltops: Click here for PDF.

What can go in your yellow bin: Click here for PDF.

Please remember to;

  • Rinse Containers
  • Lose the lids! (take the lids off containers – they usually aren’t the same type of plastic and contaminate a sorted load)
  • No plastic bags or soft plastics
  • No liquids

A-Z Recycling guide now available here

It can be confusing as to what is recyclable and what is not, please see the above guide for what is recyclable in the Hilltops.


There are a lot of great resources available for residents, educators and groups, who want to Rethink their Waste. Some links are provided below.

ABC’s War on Waste
ABC Splash War on Waste Education resources
Love Food Hate Waste (
National Recycling Week (
Bin Trim
Bournda Environmental Education Centre


Council is a member of two regional groups, working together in a concerted effort on waste management and resource recovery.

South West Slopes Regional Waste Management Group

The South West Slopes Regional Waste Management Group (SWRWMG) is a collective of four (4) local Council areas that manage the transport and disposal of waste at the regional landfill managed by Ecofil Pty Ltd in Jugiong.

CBRJO Waste & Resource Recovery Group

The Canberra Region Joint Organisation explores resource recovery on a larger scale, providing a forum for councils, state agencies and other stakeholders to work together at a regional level to identify shared priorities and deliver regional projects.