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What does living in the Hilltops mean to you?

The Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) Framework in NSW requires all councils to adopt a suite of strategic plans following engagement with the community to capture the current values, the challenges and future desires on behalf of the community.

Community Strategy Plan 2022-2032

PDF – Click to download

The Community Strategic Plan 2022-2032 is a document owned by everyone (the community, agencies, government and non-government stakeholders) that has been facilitated by the Council.

The aim of the Community Strategic Plan is to guide the decision making by Council and community partners, working and servicing the communities within the Hilltops Local Government Area, to achieve the communities’ objectives and long-term vision.

The Community Strategic Plan 2030 creates the direction of Council (and Councillors) and informs the remaining IP&R documentation including the Delivery Program (4 yr) and Operational Plan (1 yr), and the Resourcing Strategy (the Long Term Financial Plan, 10 yr); the Asset Management Plan (10 yr) and the Workforce Management Plan (4 yr).

Demonstration of achieving the CSP objectives will be reported back to the community through annual, and end of term reports using a range of performance measures and indicators.