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Hilltops Council Village Planning Program

The Hilltops Local Government Area is a diverse and growing region nestled between the Central West and Riverina regions of NSW. With a strong agricultural and horticultural economy, Hilltops is home to fifteen rural villages which support our region and it’s people by providing a rich and diverse history, unique tourism opportunities and rural lifestyles. On 27 March 2024 Hilltops Councillors resolved to implement the Hilltops Village Planning Program (24/58).

The Village Planning Program is an enduring initiative of Council, with the goal to support and encourage the ongoing development and maintenance of our region’s 15 villages. The purpose of the plans is to provide insight and guidance for the local communities to utilise in progressing and developing their villages, while encouraging and supporting their potential and viability. Through this process, Council aims to support our village communities, encourage economic prosperity, explore opportunities to improve local infrastructure and enhance the local environment. The plans are scheduled to be completed as follows:


Schedule Village
2024/25 Koorawatha, Murringo, Rye Park
2025/26 Bribbaree, Jugiong, Wombat
2026/27 Galong, Monteagle, Reids Flat
2027/28 Bendick Murrell, Frogmore, Kingsvale
2028/29 Maimuru, Milvale, Rugby

Our Villages

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Rye Park

Bribbaree – Scheduled 2025/26

Jugiong – Scheduled 2025/26

Wombat – Scheduled 2025/26

Galong – Scheduled 2026/27

Monteagle – Scheduled 2026/27

Reids Flat – Scheduled 2026/27

Bendick Murrell – Scheduled 2027/28

Frogmore – Scheduled 2027/28

Kingsvale – Scheduled 2027/28

Maimuru – Scheduled 2028/29

Milvale – Scheduled 2028/29

Rugby – Scheduled 2028/29