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Construction site safety

Dec 18, 2020

Council would like to remind the Hilltops community including homeowners, builders, and tradespeople undertaking works or closing construction sites to ensure:

All Erosion and Sediment controls are in place. 

In the Hilltops Council Local Government Area all construction sites are required to implement and undertake works in accordance with the ‘Managing Urban Stormwater – Soils and Construction’ (‘The Blue Book – 4th Edition) – you can visit the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to access this document and other useful resources.

By ensuring your erosion and sediment controls are in place, it is less likely that sediment and other building materials such as sand, soil, gravel, slurries, and concrete will leave the site and cause pollution of the waterways via Council stormwater system.

The Protection of the Environment Operations Act, 1997 and other legislation provide guidance to businesses, individuals and industry sectors. Severe penalties and fines are in place if these laws and regulations are breached whether intended or by accident.

Fencing and Site Security 
Development Consents issued by Hilltops Council contain conditions for site fencing, and installing signage displaying the Principal Certifying authority name, address and contact number.  The sign should also provide a contact number for out of hours contacts and state that unauthorised entry to the site is prohibited.  If a person fails to meet these conditions, Council as the regulatory authority can undertake enforcement action including, Penalty Notices and Orders.

NSW SAFE WORK regulates Construction site safety.


  • Is the boundary fence secure?
  • Is your site fencing secured adequately to prevent collapse in high wind?
  • Have steps being undertaken to prevent any unauthorised access?
  • Are excavations and openings securely covered or fenced off?
  • Is all plant immobilised to prevent unauthorised use?
  • Are flammable or dangerous substances locked away I secure storage places?
  • Is all signage present, legible and in good order ?.

Remember a clean site is a safe site.  Keeping the site clean ensures the community, your employees and contractors are safe.

More information can be found via following the links:

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