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Council Column- 2 September 2020- Councillor John Walker

Sep 2, 2020

At its August monthly meeting Council paid tribute to the outstanding contribution of community volunteer groups and in particular to those organisations who manage Council assets such as community halls and recreation grounds.

Most of the villages within the Hilltops region have dedicated individuals and teams who commit time and skills for the betterment of others and their local community. I continue to be amazed at the pride and spirit reflected in some sectors.

Council recognises the input of these community coordinators by saying thank you. Without them, public facilities in regular use by many may not stay in maintained and safe condition.

However Council is also concerned that these Council Committees may not be receiving appropriate assistance from Council because of a simple breakdown in communication and format.

Among these Committees of Council are Village Progress Association or Hall or Recreation Ground Committees who at large are the volunteer caretakers of Council facilities which at some point in time have been put in place for the social needs and focal point for an area and which usually serves many roles.

It has been identified as a concern that some requests to Council by these Committees may have been overlooked by the differing method of recording meeting minutes. Staff will contact all Council Committees shortly with a consistent format for recording minutes, actions and recommendations to standardise communications throughout Hilltops.

Already there exists a need to have all Committee members approved by Council and the new requirements will add to good governance and communication so that community needs can be better served.

For me to single out any one of these Committees or individual members within would be difficult as so much good work is being done throughout – but between them they make a stronger, happier and safer Hilltops.

Thank you all.

Councillor John Walker